2019 Faith and Spiritual Affairs Health Justice Conference

On April 26, the 2019 FSA Health Justice Conference convened faith leaders, local government employees, non-profit organizations, students, and other residents of the city for a full-day of dialogue around issues of social injustice related to both individual and community health. The Convention Center hosted over 410 conference attendees on the day. Audiences were engaged in discussions and workshops around physical, mental, and environmental health, community organizing, self-care and holistic practices, and trauma informed care, just to name a few. Sessions provided a platform for community to convene and discuss challenges facing the City today in the context of health and beyond; such as issues and solutions to health challenges facing black men in Philadelphia, as reported in the city’s Brotherly Love report; and the challenges and strategies of addressing the opioid epidemic and community mental health in Naloxone / Narcan Training and Mental Health First Aid offered throughout the day.


Aside from the panels, workshops, and facilitated conversations, movement was incorporated throughout the day. There were even three sessions with an explicit focus on getting folks physically active through line dancing and yoga. Elements of the arts were also interspersed into the day, featuring youth poetry reading at lunch, an interactive performance from the group JustAct, a paint printing station that was available all day, and a closing performance from the KyoDaiko Japanese Taiko Drummers of Philadelphia.

This conference attempted to challenge traditional ideas of who should be “the expert” in the room, engage people in difficult, but necessary conversations, and build on the movement that has been set in motion to achieve both individual and community health, healing, and justice in the City of Brotherly Love.

See more photos from the day here: https://www.james-photographs.com/Events/FSA-Health-Justice-Conference-Philadelphia-2019/i-D97wHsJ

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