5 Tips for a Healthy 2016 Holiday Season

The excitement of the holidays is right around the corner. Although it is a time for friends, family and fun; it can also be a time of stress and anxiety over our health maintenance. But don’t worry: we have some tips for you to stay healthy and keep up with your wellness goals all season long!

  1. Focus on fun- NOT food! Not all holiday fun has to involve eating. You can have a snowball fight, play card or board games, decorate together, etc. Get creative!
  2. Get enough sleep: this will help keep hunger at bay, manage stress, and ensure you stay rested and healthy throughout the season.
  3. Watch out for liquid calories: hot chocolate, egg nog, caramel lattes and celebratory spirits are staples of the season; but be mindful of their impact on your caloric intake.
  4. Make sure healthy options are available: bringing a healthy dish to a party will ensure that there is something delicious and nutritious to munch on.
  5. Relax! Most Americans only gain 1-2 pounds over the holidays. While we don’t want these pounds to accumulate over the years; you can forgive yourself after a bit of indulgence and keep your motivation on track!

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