Free Health Screenings at a Corner Store Near You

The Food Trust provides health screenings at select corner stores at the same time each month through partnerships with local health care providers as part of their Heart Smarts program. Participants are screened for blood pressure, given weight checks, and are offered healthy lifestyle counseling, referrals and resources, including information on smoking cessation.


See schedule below:

Store Name Address Time Day Partner
Eagle Food Market 2208 N Broad Ave. 19132 10-12 1st Tuesday Jefferson
Polo Food Market 727 N 10th 19123 1-3 1st Tuesday Jefferson
Maria’s Grocery 2863 N 5th St. 19133 10-12 2nd Tuesday Jefferson
3MNS 623 Fairmount Ave 10-12 3rd Tuesday Jefferson
Point Breeze Supermarket 1426 Point Breeze Ave 19146 1-3 3rd Tuesday Jefferson
Lora Mini Market 1920 W. Susquehanna Ave 19121 1-3 4th Tuesday Jefferson
Christian Food Market 2242 Christian St 19146 10-12 4th Thursday Jefferson
Olivares 1718 Wharton St 19146 1-3 4th Thursday Jefferson
Jennifer Grocery 4823 Chester Ave 19143 10-12 2nd Wednesday USciences
Aladdin Food Market 6247 Elmwood Ave 19142 10-12 2nd Tuesday USciences
Cedar Food Market 600 S. 52nd 19143 12:30-2:30 2nd Wednesday Lankenau
Corner Food Market II 828 W Huntingdon St (9th & Huntingdon) 1-3 2nd Tuesday

Learn more about the program here

Contact Michelle Abel, The Food Trust: 215-575-0444 x2199 or

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