North Philly Peace Park: Free Produce Day

North Philly Peace Park is hosting a Free Produce & Feminine Hygiene Products Day on Sunday, April 25th from 1pm-3pm.

North Philly Peace Park is a volunteer community-based organization. They take pride in being “an open, charitable, intergenerational, neighborhood-managed ecology campus, championing food, education, and community” (Philly Peace Park, 2020).

North Philly Peace Park began with community members wanting to provide resources and educate on the benefits of organic fresh grown fruits and vegetables to their community. The initiative started with neighbors and community youth in February of 2012. The campus has grown to other parts of Philadelphia including West Philadelphia. The ecology campus is located at 2200 W Jefferson St in North Philadelphia. North Philly Peace Park aims to provide freshly grown food for those who are unable to access it. Maintaining a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables is what allows you to feel your best. North Philly Peace Park recognizes that healthy eating is important and makes it accessible for everyone.

The Care Package: Free Produce Day will be held at both locations in North and West Philly. The North Philly location is at 2200 W Jefferson St. West Philly Peace Park is located at 4929 W Girard Ave. They will be offering free fresh produce as well as feminine hygiene products. Share with anyone you know that will benefit from this event!

For more information on the event, follow North Philly Peace Park on Instagram: @northphillypeacepark and @westphillypeacepark

Donations will be accepted to the Free Produce Program via Cash App: $NorthPhillyPeacePark

Written by Shelby Dorsaint

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