Need Supplies to Make Healthy Meals? Rebel Ventures is Here to Help!

Written by: Shaniya Brown, recent graduate of West Philadelphia High School, Kitchen Manager & Sales Team Member at Rebel Ventures 

We are in a tough time, so my colleagues and I at Rebel Ventures, a healthy food non-profit organization in Philadelphia, decided to jump over the obstacles and create virtual programs that promote healthy eating. We strive for healthy deliciousness and won’t let anything get in our way of that. Every week, we are finding ingredients in our kitchens to make dishes with a healthy twist and we want you to do the same.

To ensure more children and families can create healthy and delicious meals at home we have launched the Healthy Deliciousness at Home Fund. Through this fund we will provide items such as knives, cutting boards, cookbooks, measuring cups, food processors or a variety of other kitchen supplies needed to make healthy meals at home. Anyone age 13 or older who resides in Philadelphia is eligible to apply. Preference will be given to children and families. Apply now!

Recently, I made boneless chicken ranch wraps with white rice, corn and spinach, with a spinach ranch salad on the side. I used olive oil to cook the chicken because it is high in monounsaturated fat – which we learned is a healthy fat in a culinary medicine program we have at Rebel. If you want to kick up the healthy a notch, go light on the ranch dressing and boost fiber with brown rice instead of white. I created this dish because I enjoy eating baked chicken and spinach, it was healthy and my family also likes it. The experience was fun and creative and I was able to show off my skills from home. I hope more young people in Philly can create their own healthy and delicious meals.

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I miss my co-workers and working in a professional environment, but our bodies and health are important so working virtually from home is the best choice for us right now. Let’s make sure we eat healthy deliciousness while we stay inside. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our Instagram to see more cooking videos!

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