Funding Opportunity: Livable Communities Engagement Project

Get Healthy Philly (GHP) is seeking community partners to help understandexplore, and address the intersection of walkability and other livability features in Philadelphia’s communities. 

A livable community provides adequate resources to support health, safety, and quality of life for all- regardless of their race, wealth, age, physical ability, and other factors. This includes various health-promoting and supportive infrastructure, community assets, and services at a price that people can afford such as housing, transportation, healthy and culturally appropriate food, green spaces.

In a walkable community, key destinations and assets are nearby, there are good connections between destinations, and the conditions of the environment not only allow but also encourage people to choose to walk (or roll) for transportation.

Eligible entities include community organizations, non-profits, Friends’ groups, advisory councils, and other groups with the ability to contract with the City of Philadelphia directly or through a fiscal sponsor.

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Funding Amount: Up to $25,000

Project Dates: January 1, 2021- June 30, 2021.Potential for longer term partnership (up to 4 years) depending on funding and need.

The Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention aims to serve as a community bridge, bringing together residents, representatives from local government, and partner organizations to understand and address issues that residents identify as challenges to physical activity and mobility.

Livable Community Goals:

  • Increase walking (and rolling) for recreation and/or transportation through programming engagement, and reclaiming public spaces.
  • Build the pedestrian advocacy network with a particular emphasis on individuals and groups living and working in neighborhoods outside of Center City.

We believe:

  • All individuals have the right to live in a community that encourages physical activity and mobility.
  • All individuals have the right to actively participate in creating a community that promotes and encourages physical activity and mobility.
  • Communities that support active living promote physical, mental, and economic health for individuals and communities.
  • We have a collective responsibility to provide opportunities for everyone to move safely through their environment and to be active.
  • The promotion of walking (and rolling) to improve health can be used to engage residents in activities related to equity and justice.

We acknowledge:

  • Historically, neighborhoods outside of Center City have had less investment (or active disinvestment) in the built environment and city services.
  • Disinvestment can result in sidewalks in disrepair, litter and dumping, unmarked street crossings, an abundance of vacant land, lack of quality green space, lack of destinations related to shuttered commercial corridors, and other challenges that pose barriers to walking (and rolling) and active use of public space.
  • Current walkable community partners have identified people with disabilities, children,and older adults as populations for particular focus.

Key Dates:

October 2020 – application opens

November 20th (11:59pm) – application closes

January 2020 – select and notify final awardee(s) and contract and scope development

Please contact Kelli McIntyre, Livable Communities Coordinator at Philadelphia Department of Public Health with questions or concerns.

Download the application materials for review here:

Info Sheet

Application Preview

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