Recipes for a Healthier Fourth of July

This Fourth of July celebrate with one of these nutritious, easy, and tasty recipes.


When you make recipes at home, you are better able to control the salt, sugar, and fat that goes into them. A homemade black bean and corn salsa is as easy as opening three cans! When using canned goods, look for “low sodium” or “no salt added” on the label to cut the salt. This recipe gets better as it sits and the flavors marry together. Make it a day beforehand and enjoy your holiday stress free.

You can’t mess with tradition, but you can make it healthier. A slight twist on spinach-artichoke dip makes it equally creamy, with more protein and fewer calories. Serve it with veggies or easy 10-minute homemade pita chips.


Kebabs are a festive way to celebrate any outdoor holiday. They are a great way to load up on veggies, and can be made with different types of meat, or vegetarian using tofu. These spicy buttermilk chicken and vegetable kebabs are sure to be a hit. Skewers aren’t just for meat, either. Try fruit skewers for dessert!

Build a healthier burger. Be sure to use lean meat, and be mindful of adding sugar and sodium-filled condiments. Don’t forget to choose a whole grain bun, too!


Tomatoes and nectarines are some of the best fruits that summer has to offer. When tossed together with a bit of mozzarella and some fresh basil, it makes for the perfect summer salad. The flavors are so rich and fresh, it barely needs any dressing at all (if you don’t have balsamic, swap it out for apple cider vinegar).

No Fourth of July picnic can be without crunchy, creamy coleslaw. Premade coleslaws can have extra fat and calories. It’s easy to make coleslaw at home and control the ingredients that go in it. For a simple, no-mayo version try this colorful recipe, and for a creamy version use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise or whipped topping.


Try an oat-crust fruit pizza. This dessert feeds a crowd, has fiber-rich oatmeal, and a variety of fruit. Use bananas, strawberries, and blueberries for a flag-themed pizza or use raspberries, green grapes, oranges, pineapple, and blackberries for a rainbow version.

There is nothing like a popsicle on a hot July day. Try homemade popsicles using molds or two-ounce paper cups. Use frozen or fresh fruit, and blend with plain or Greek yogurt for maximum nutrients without any added sugar. The flavor combinations are endless!

Need affordable produce for your summer celebrations?

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