Apply Now: Shared Services Workgroup

Get Healthy Philly would like to introduce a unique opportunity for Philadelphia-based early childcare providers to apply to be a part of the upcoming Shared Services Workgroup.  

The Shared Services Workgroup will be a virtual space where providers will come together to explore (discuss, plan, and potentially implement) shared services related to nutrition and health. Sample topics include (but are not limited to): Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), group purchasing, local food procurement, record-keeping strategies, etc.   

The time commitment for this opportunity will consist of two to three virtual meetings of 2-3 hours each. We will base the length and number of virtual meetings on participants’ preferences. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for virtual discussion and assistance in between sessions.  

All applications are due by November 2, 2020. Participants will be selected and notified via email by November 30, 2020. We currently anticipate being able to support 15-20 programs through the Shared Services Workgroup. Stipends will be provided for time and participation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the posted FAQ or contact Shannon Wise at or Matthew Williams at  


Shared Services is when providers come together to combine needs and resources in order to build a sustainable model that benefits all those participating. 

This workgroup is open to early childhood education directors or other administrative staff from family, group, or center settings. 

Applications are due November 2nd. Participants will be selected and notified via email by November 30thMeetings will be planned based on participants’ availability and will run from December 2020 to June 2021.  

Results of this workgroup and lessons learned can potentially be shared more widely with applicants who were not selected at this time, after completion. Dependent upon availability and capacity, additional programs may be able to join to share services with the initial group. One example of this might be a centralized purchasing system for healthy food (that meets CACFP meal pattern requirements).   

There will be 2-6 hours of virtual meeting and discussion.  This will likely be 2-3 meetings from 2-3 hours each, depending on participants’ schedules and preference. 

This group can address either, dependent upon the needs of the participants.   

We are currently exploring this and what documentation might be needed with the Philadelphia ELRC. 

We currently have funding to reimburse one representative from each program (family, group, or center) for their time and participation.  

This will be dependent upon the interest and needs of the group. The goal is to align with CACFP for menu planning, purchasing/procurement, and record keeping if those are the topics chosen to explore. 

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