Active Living

Our bodies were made to move! FoodFitPhilly supports active living by:

  • Improving and activating public spaces.
  • Supporting walkable livable communities. 

Current Initiatives

Public Space Enhancement Mini-Grants

Annual opportunity for funding and technical assistance to improve pedestrian environments.
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We Walk PHL

Walking communities in parks citywide. Official seasons run May-June and September-October, though many participants walk year-round.
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Grow & Walk

A semi-annual walking and gardening program in West Oak Lane developed by Black Girls with Green Thumbs.
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Free summertime fitness and new accessible lifts at public pools.
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Vision Zero

Citywide work to prevent traffic deaths and promote active transportation.
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Urban Agriculture

Programs and planning to promote gardening, farming and composting
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Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Finder

Find your nearest park & its features including activities, location & history!
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The Circuit Trails

The Circuit is a network of multi–use trails connecting people to jobs, communities, parks & waterways.
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Philadelphia Bicycle Map

Find bike friendly roads & learn about street etiquette when riding.

Mapa Ciclista de Filadelfia

Find bike friendly roads & learn about street etiquette when riding.

Movement for Older Adults

PCA programs help millions of older adults and their caregivers to achieve their maximum level of health, independence and productivity.
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Out-of-School Time Programs for Youth

This program supports working parents and caregivers, benefits a child’s development, and helps them stay safe.
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Past Resources

Stairwell Toolkit

A resource for employers interested in increasing workplace stairwell use.

School Physical Activity Assessment

An evaluation of elementary schools' physical activity practices in collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia. 2017 

Movement Break Toolkit

Directions and tools to support short physical activity sessions (movement breaks) at work.

Philly Powered

Philly Powered was a citywide, multi-year campaign designed to promote everyday physical activity among adults.