Food Justice

Within our FoodFitPhilly program, Food Justice is our effort to support the self-determination of Philadelphians to grow, sell and eat healthy food. We do this by:

  • Establishing just food policy and supporting community-led nutrition projects.
  • Setting nutrition standards and promoting best practices for City agencies, hospital systems, and early childhood education.

Food Justice in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Nutrition Standards for City Agencies

Review standards designed to align meals and snacks with the latest dietary guidance.
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Nutrition Standards Training Modules

View training modules for staff - food purchasers, service managers, menus developers, preparation & service staff and food vendors.
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Sodium Warning Label

Read about the label that gives Philadelphians the information they need to make lower sodium choices at chain restaurants.
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Good Food Healthy Hospitals

Read about our Good Food, Healthy Hospitals program that brings together healthcare institutions to create a culture of wellness through food.
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Good Food Systems

Learn about efforts to create a healthy, sustainable, and fair local food system, or a "good food economy."
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Farmers Markets

Find your nearest farmer's market or read about what you need to operate one.
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Philadelphia Food Justice Initiative

Learn more about community-led projects that grow food justice.
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Healthy Neighborhood Retail

This report maps out neighborhood availability of “high-produce" and "low produce supply stores."
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Eat Healthy on a Budget

Learn more about planning and shopping within your budget with Spend Smart, Eat Smart.

Qualify for Nutrition Programming

Find out if your organization qualifies for nutrition programming, contact one of these providers.

Find Free Meals

Free food and meals are offered throughout the city, and in your neighborhood. Find them here.

Read about MyPlate

Use this tool to find healthy eating tips and discover budget-friendly food ideas.

Nutrition Assistance Programs

Need help finding or affording food? Get information on food and nutrition assistance programs such as SNAP, WIC, and more.

Nutrition Programs for Seniors

Need help finding or affording food and you're a senior (60+)? Get information on food and nutrition assistance programs such as SNAP, senior boxes, and more.