Health Justice PHL

What does Health Justice mean to us?

Health Justice is the collective movement to heal society and eliminate barriers that prevent individual and community well-being.

Created in community with health justice leadership group, 2018 Tweet

We Value...

Integrity, equity, and justice.

Humility, curiosity, and creativity.

Our unique differences and commonalities. 

We Believe...

All people have the right to live to their fullest potential in environments that allow them to grow and thrive.
Progress only happens when we treat all people, communities, partners, and staff with dignity, care, and respect.
Good government works in full partnership with community.
Knowledge comes in many forms and from many places in our society.

We Will...

Name our history. Seek reconciliation. Be intentional.
Work to dismantle racist and unjust policies and practices that impact public health.
Listen closely. Communicate openly. Seek understanding. Practice inclusion.
Lead with evidence, transparency, empathy, and love.
Innovate. Look for nuance. Balance research, reflection, and action.
Try. Fail. Make progress. Try again.

Health Justice in Practice

In the Division of Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention, our work is guided by Health Justice. For more information, contact the Health Justice and Livability Projects Manager, Kelli McIntyre:

  • We advance health justice by challenging the systems that have created disparities in health outcomes based on racial, social, and economic constructs.  
  • We envision the result of these efforts is a society in which every individual and community has equitable access to resources and opportunities for living long, happy and healthy lives. 

As Dr. Janice Johnson-Dias said in closing out the 2018 Health Justice summit, the “I” comes out of the “we” and it takes a coalition to ripple a system. The Health Justice Summit was just the start of our collective action, so if this idea interests you, and you want to play a leadership role in moving health justice forward in Philadelphia, please contact

Health Justice Summit

The Health Justice Summit is an annual convening of community leaders and residents to provide education, inspire community action, and amplify our power to effect change. It is an opportunity to discuss new approaches to long standing challenges while recognizing that racial, social, and economic justice is fundamental in improving community health. 

Tools for Applying Health Justice in Public Health