Building Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities are places where everyone can live, work, learn, worship, shop and play that provide:

  • Access to healthy and delicious food that is affordable and culturally appropriate
  • Safe spaces for people to walk, run and bike safely
  • Open spaces for people to engage in physical activity with their families and neighbors
  • Accessible stores and services promoting health and wellness


See below for ways to make this vision a reality in your community:

Individuals and Families


If you see a need for policy changes to improve health in your neighborhood, raise your voice. The following groups hold monthly meetings that are open to the public. Each of these programs are working to improve food and physical activity in Philadelphia.

  1. The Food Fit Philly Coalition (Get Healthy Philly): Share resources and identify shared policy goals. Email for more information.
  2. The Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council (Office of Sustainability): Discuss urban agriculture, anti-hunger, food waste and good food procurement. Visit to get involved.
  3. The Food Access Collaborative (Office of Homeless Services):  Plug into the emergency food network, share information on meal availability and help individuals and providers navigate the emergency food in Philadelphia. Email for more information.

Ways for businesses to get involved


If you own a public-facing business or a service and want to create a healthy environment for its members, use the checklist below to foster a healthy community.

    • Work with your insurance provider to provider coverage and support for chronic disease management programs, like the Diabetes Prevention Program.
    • Promote physical activity and join our StairWELL initiative!
    • Serve fruit or salad instead of chips.
    • Serve water instead of sodas and other sweetened drinks.
    • Hold healthy meetings: Encourage walking meetings.

For healthcare partners


Share information about healthy food access and resources for low cost healthy food with your patients, keep your patients informed about low cost and free opportunities for physical activity in their neighborhoods. Visit for information.

Learn about our Good Food, Healthy Hospitals Initiative and the Board of Health recommendations for beverage and screen time.